In January 2010 Thomas Orgler and Nikolaus Eilken
teamed up as Thomas Guitars.

Nikolaus "Klaus" Eilken, was born 1980 in Munich. Klaus started to play classical guitar at the age of eleven. By the age of 14 he worked as a Paperboy for a year to earn enough money to buy a Stratocaster, Klaus played in several bands until 2003. At this point he resumed playing classical and acoustic guitar.

Klaus became intererested in Lutherie while studying "wood technology and industrial engineering" in Rosenheim in a course called "historical and physical development of music instruments". He already had a little bit of experience doing guitar setups for friends.

Fascinated by the physical and tonal interaction of strings and wood, he became addicted to the art of guitar building. Klaus decided to drop out of college and pursue guitar building full time at the Luthier school in Mittenwald, Germany in 2005. He met Thomas when he enrolled in his class one year later. Klaus graduated in 2008 with an arsenal of guitar building techniques and his own classical guitar design (the shape of this guitar became later the CS 35 model) he moved to Verona, Italy to work for Roberto Fontanot. In 2010, still in contact with Thomas they decided to team up in his Workshop in Bolzano.

Thomas Orgler, born in Bolzano/ Italy in 1982 picked up a guitar and started his first Band at the age of 15. Due to his clever songwriting his reputation rapidly grew in the local scene and finally got hired three years later by the international known Metal band Graveworm from Bruneck. He had a great time with the Band touring through Europe, Russia, North America, Korea and Mexico, playing many shows and festivals around the world along with Bands like Kataklysm, Destruction and Hypocrisy. During his time with Graveworm he recorded three records, but quit in 2012 to concentrate more on Guitar making.

As a young child he was fascinated with Woodworking, he favored tools to toys as birthday presents, so it was no surprise when he pursued carpentry after finishing school and worked as a carpenter for nine years. Missing the artistic part in his profession he became interested in Guitar making and made his first classical Guitar in 2005 at the "civica scuola di liuteria" in Milano. In 2006 he started at the international known Luthier school in Mittenwald, Germany, where he made numerous classical and acoustic guitars, and also got to appreciate Klaus, not only as a friend but also as an excellent artisan with a never ending interest in guitars. Deeply immersed while studying lutherie Thomas & Klaus designed the six string contra octave guitar that now has become the B75 model.