Thomas Guitars is a small Workshop located in Bolzano, Italy
dedicated to the art of handmade guitars.

When we decided to team up in 2010 with the intention to create Acoustic Guitars with the dynamic range of a Nylon String, we kept the Spanish method as used by Antonio de Torres as one of the principles to make a highly responsive Instrument. From the beginning we tried to create our own style and tone we had in mind, using both, traditional and modern techniques to guaranty the best quality in sound and playability. All our Guitars are handmade one at a time.

As our Workshop is situated half an hour from the world-famous woods where the grandmasters Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesù have cut their tonewood, it has always been obvious for us that we range these woods to look for the oldest and biggest trees and cut them following the rules of nature, season and moon. After several years of air seasoning this wood becomes incredible light, stiff and almost moisture-proof combined with excellent tonal characteristics like a fast attack, a long sustain and plenty of overtones. With this Tonewood being our “materia prima” combined with a unique construction all our Instruments regardless of its shape share a very own character, a clear and sensitive tone with a high dynamic range and a lot of space for expression.

Try our guitars

You are invited to try, hear and feel our instruments to convince yourself of the beautiful sound you can get out of a Thomas Guitar. Enjoy!


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